Monday, April 7, 2014

Mechagodzilla 93 Papercraft!

Well they tried it again. The best scientific minds in the world gathered together and decided the best way to beat a giant monster was still to build a giant robot version of that giant monster. Except this time they coated it with synthetic diamond.  They also had the opportunity to use technology from the future. Yes, the future, future, uture, ture, ure, re! More specifically, they salvaged a robot from the future; Mecha King Ghidorah (possible "future" spoiler alert!.. pun totally intended). Ahem, anyway, with it, the government was able to construct a
papercraf, er, machine far more powerful than they could otherwise. And with a giant attack plane named Garuda that attaches to make "Super-Mechagodzilla" to boot?? Heck yes!!
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