Monday, January 27, 2014

Gigan Papercraft

All your planets are belong to us!
Rotary cutter in action!
Gigan; the original robot chicken. But don't let that pun fool you. Gigan (the showa version anyway) has definitely given Godzilla a run for his yen from time to time. Between flying around without wings, sawing things with a built-in rotary cutter at his alien masters' commands, and squealing his little cyborg squeal, Gigan has become a favorite kaiju baddie of kaiju fans everywhere. And now you can enjoy your own little paper Gigan complete with his own functioning rotary cutter! You probably won't be able to saw buildings buildings with it but there are probably a few papercraft buildings you could download somewhere. You might be able to make a few tears if you use thick enough paper for his saw. You can get this guy at either Papertoyadventures or here. Be sure and right click and select 'original' to get the full resolution. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask, comment, reblog, etc.
inner workings

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